The Great Kingdom



The Great Kingdom is the largest governing body in the world. Their king is often referred to as the High Lord by visiting nobility.

The Great Kingdom is a fraction of it’s former self, it was the original country of Humans before any of the other races emerged. It spanned the entire continent of Normandale and held many areas of the other continents. After the First War which is often merely referred to as the War of First Strife, the country began to diminish. Now, though still very powerful, the country merely bides time, and makes peace with all visitors and the neighboring countries of Arsynthia and Cruesik.

The capital of the kingdom is the enormous city of Amsoth, though the king sits at the abutting Kol Amsoth which is functionally a part of the city in any case. The throne room at Kol Amsoth is grand and quite imposing.

The Great Kingdom also boast the famed Knight Protectors. These men and women patrol the borders of the country and act as first defense against any intrusion.

Recent History

The Great Kingdom

Robbing the Grave Alazon