North Dromak

Rouble was a once fiercely fought over land. Due to this, the land is littered with ruins and areas of disrepair.

Rouble is bordered by Uth Peri to the east, Norangrad to the northeast, Talos to the north, feno to the northwest, and Topa to the west and southwest. Rouble’s southern edge and coustline touches the Bay of Spirits and is buffered by the True Earth mountain range. The mountain range also provides a natural border with Topa.

Rouble is a land of many hills, and though the Humans have nearly all abandoned the land the Dwarves and Gnomes and other races of stone remain. They have allowed the human structures to collapse and the buildings are generally left alone. The Gnomes have the majority of surface dwellers of the races dwelling in Rouble and so are the leaders in the pseudo-government that the alliance of races have established. The Gnomes mainly live in the heavily wooded nills of northern Rouble and are often the first to meet visitors from Norangrad, Talos, and Feno (visitors from Uth Peri are nigh unheard of). The Dwarves live mainly on the area of the True Earth range which sits adjacent to the sea and, surprisingly, they have some aquatic ventures. The many Goliath tribes live on the eastern border; the tops of the True Earth range that form a border with Topa. This is an effective deterrent for any that wish to pass through the range, as the tribes often capture intruders in their territory. Although the Goliaths recognize the established order that rules Rouble, they often do not participate in any of the proceedings (often they do not know of certain protocol that has been accepted).


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