North Dromak


The continent of North dromak is located North of Central Dromak and west of Normandale across the Strait of Malice.

It is the largest collection of kingdoms and countries of the world. These are the countries of Muhlorn, Val, Uth Peri, Talos, Feno, Norangrad, Rouble, Topa, Kantia, Lodo, Rocce, Vondi, Tilome, and Condwel.

Muhlorn is known as the Evil West and the stigma tends to carry to the other countries on Northern Dromak. This is generally improper stereotypical behavior, but the countries are minimally affected. The most effected of these is Condwel, which is odd because it is the furthest country away from Muhlorn and still on North Dromak. This has occured because of the monster populace within that country. These monsters are generally mental influencers and thus that country is often under control by nontraditional entities.

North Dromak

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