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Links and such for my campaign world

Countries of Normandale: The Great Kingdom, Cruesik, and Dibbaea

Countries of North Dromak: Muhlorn, Val, Uth Peri, Talos, Feno, Norangrad, Rouble, Topa, Kantia, Lodo, Rocce, Vondi, Tilome, and Condwel

Countries of Central Dromak: Dlimmer, Feyn, Gaowver, and Teilona

Countries of South Dromak: Vyire, Telihuum, Disoon, Nico, and Jeru

Countries of Easthaven: Feeryundi, Tribal City States of Valin Domm, Yariv, Peln, Tre Gerith, Tre Uumlow, and Kiln

Countries of Salgin: Salgin, Zsakes, Werin, and Veringrace

Countries of New Haven: AlbeƩn, and Onderum

Island nations: Tre Silon, Tawinev, Uth Tralgar, Rokugan, Summerhaven, Frosthall, Da Telu, Da Salvo, Grahmuk, Chalice and Taleon, Da Ogin, Rievek, Greynoose Archipelago, Spiritwell, and Pothin

The Endless Desert and adjoining countries: Keplen, Eisir, Vonen, Ruringran, Prellvest, Da Metin, Mahrast, Hyb, Hades, and Celyun

Other Links: First War, Battle of Four Thunders,

Races(This will probably be last to go up, if ever): Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-elf, Half-orc, Halfling

Main Page

Robbing the Grave Alazon