First War


In the beginning of time, Humans walked the world. With the direction of their creator they built many structures everywhere they went. Due to their occupation of Normandale and dispertion to nearby continents in the early years of history, some scholars believe that the Mythical White Tower is the source of Humans, though this has not been proven. At the behest of their creator, the Humans worked together and founded The Great Kingdom. They prospered

After a time, the Elves and Dwarves also came into the world. They met with great resistance from the humans everywhere they met them. The humans did not want to release control of their fruitful lands. They passed many laws to prevent the other races from attaining any land and greatly diminished their rights.

This caused much strife between the three races, until the Leaders of the Elves and Dwarves allied with one another to stop the monopoly of the Humans. The Human leaders did not give heed to the coalition’s warnings and continued arrogantly to uphold their laws.

The first battle of The War of First Strife was in reality a highly coordinated assault on many of the humans largest cities at the same time. This broke The Great Kingdom’s holdings on many of the continents that the Humans had spread to. The coalition did not strike at Normandale though, but The Kingdom was crippled because their resources were diminished. Parts of the kingdom splintered and became new nations, particulary those that had tried to circumvent the laws which prohibited the other races from achieving full rights and citizenship.

After three hundred years of battle, the coalition had landed and held portions of the southern coast of Normandale. They were preparing for the Battle of One Million Cries, as it would become known. Unknown to the Great Kingdom, one of the splintered countries’ king had commissioned a sword to be made. It was a crowning moment of achievement for the three races’ mages. With his sword, Karackasz carved through the Great Kingdom’s Army and led the charge to their king. The Great Kingdom Surrendured many of their remaining lands soon afterward and ended the First War.

First War

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