Battle of Four Thunders


The end of Aremech’s reign as king of Arsynthia culminated in the battle known as Four Thunders. This battle between Aremech and Percival the Pure along with Percival’s followers was fought at the highest level of the High Tower of Arcane in Paravel. Both of the major combatants were lost in this battle, Aremech to imprisonment and Percival fell to his death. Also lost in the battle were many of the clerics that had accompanied Percival.

The battle is so named the Four Thunders because of the four spells of epic proportions that were cast during the battle. These were the three cast by Aremech and the fourth by the cohort of clerics.

Though the battle was ultimately a success, it is invariably looked on as a disaster by the population of Paravel. Near the end of the battle the lich king sensed that he could not defeat the cohort, and so he instead turned most of his terrible magic on the city and it’s inhabitants.

Battle of Four Thunders

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