The former Lich King of Arsynthia


Aremech was once a humble student of the High Tower of Arcane in Paravel. He studied Necromancy and soon ascended through the grades of the college with admirable speed. He graduated, but stayed on as a professor. Again with great speed, Aremech rose through the ranks and attained the noteworthy mark of ‘Archmage’. Unknown to the others in the college, during his tenure as archmage the necromancer was crafting his phylactery. Upon completion, he strode into the Dean’s chamber and struck down the aging man with a few words nad a grand spell. He spoke to the council of archmages, declared himself the new High Lord of Arcane, and closed the college, when the first archmage protested, Aremech slew him. The other archmages allied together and destroyed Aremech. He, of course, survived in his phylactery. After a few days he returned and killed another archmage, and then another. He called the coucil to session and told them that they could not resist his power. They quieted and pledged their allegiance begrudgingly.

After nearly two centuries reigning as king of Arsynthia, Aremech was defeated and imprisoned within his phylactery (which was never found). His influence is still felt through the cultists that survived his defeat.


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